Basecamp™: Project Collaboration Tool

I came upon Basecamp in search of a collaboration tool where members of a workgroup could easily post and see announcements pertaining to a specific project. I originally thought of building a website that would be locally hosted in the intranet just for this purpose, but it would be time consuming and not to mention – tedious (i am lazy).

The premise of the web app is quite straightforward – online collaboration. And i may add that Basecamp does it so well because it is simple without limiting the users too much. The app has five (5) major functions: Messages, To-Do, Milestones, Writeboards, and Chat.

What i like best in this web app is its simplicity. Very much like WordPress™, Basecamp is very intuitive and you can master all its nuances in such a short time.

  • Messages – i am using this as my shoutouts to all my slaves
  • To-Do – i like the way a tasks are crossed out whenever they are completed. tasks can also be configured in such a way that completion of set tasks will contribute to surpassing a milestone.
  • Milestones – it has a calendar that lets you see your deadlines. and since everyone loves deadlines, it comes in different colors matching your ineptitude (hehe).
  • Writeboards – will redirect you to another web app that handles writeboards. works very much like forums.
  • Chat – quite pricey since you need to register a paid account for chat, otherwise only 4 can simultaneously gossip while pretending to work. I disabled this feature because my account is just the free version. No need for a four-man chat room.

Here’s a screenshot:

Basecamp™: Project Collaboration Tool

Fave Pic from the Windy City

A picture paints a thousand words and it tells a story just as well as any large amount of descriptive text can do. I am no Shakespeare or Yeats nor do i profess to be another Da Vinci or Picasso. But being the simple me, i can honestly say that this picture speaks and its heart beats.

You may ask if i’m playing cupid here. My answer would be, “No. I don’t even know the girl. But I can see that my friend there is happy in each other’s company (I believe the other one is too).

Me posting this picture here is my way of capturing the feeling the picture exudes. It is my way of using this “achy old arm (and knees) to push back the sun into the sky… and give us one more day of summer.”

Fave Pic from the Windy City

Nero 7 Premium Essentials

If you do not know yet, the keys above will give you a licensed Nero 7 Ultra Edition. I have already tried both keys and both works. The first time, I downloaded a copy of Nero from its own official website. That should be nero at that time and i used the first set of keys. After a while, i changed OS and so i have to install another one. I downloaded the most recent installer, nero premium reloaded Luckily, the keys still work and this time i used the second set. I believe, both keys will work with any installer as long as they are version 7s.

Updated: July 19 – keys are removed

Nero 7 Premium Essentials

bush and gma have stark similarities

New York Times reported that

“The president (George W. Bush) invoked executive privilege today to defy subpoenas from Congress for testimony on the firings of prosecutors.”

It is amazing how both presidents used “executive privilege” to forbid members of the executive to testify in investigations being conducted by the legislative.

The Philippine Supreme Court ruled that EO 464 is unconstitutional (especially the part of presidential permission). It is curious how the US Supreme Court will rule theirs.

bush and gma have stark similarities