Free Manga Downloads from

Mangarun dot com has been a treasure trove of manga for me for quite some time now. I think it is about time to share.
Here are the titles currently available on the site.

07-ghost/       090_eko_to_issho/       100_ways_of_an_exorcist/       20th_century_boys/       2300/       2×2=shinobuden/       2x8_song/       337_byooshi/       666satan/       7_seeds/       8mm/       a_book_of_dreams/       a_girls/       a_love_for_sweet_things/       a_spirit_of_the_sun/       a_thousand_years_of_snow/       abara/       acony/       addicted_to_curry/       adolf/       ageha_100%/       agharta/       agreement_of_the_glass_shoes/       ah_my_goddess/       ai-ren/       ai_ga_tomaranai/       ai_girl/       ai_o_tomenaide/       ai_yori_aoshi/       aiki/       air/       airgear/       airmaster/       aishiteruze_baby/       aka_chan_to_boku/       akane-chan_overdrive/       akazukin/       akazukin_chacha/       akuma_de_sourou/       akuma_jiten/       akuma_na_eros/       akumetsu/       alice_19th/       alice_on_deadlines/       alichino/       alive/       all_1/       alladin_and_the_magic_teapot/       allegro_agitato/       amakusa_1637/       amalou_lights/       ami_nonstop/       amon/       anastasia_club/       anata_to_scandal/       andante/       angel/       angel_densetsu/       angel_diary/       angel_dust/       angel_hunt/       angel_sanctuary/       angel_shop/       angel_wars/       angelic_layer/       anne_freaks/       ao_no_fuuin/       apocalypse_meow/       appleseed/       ardour/       area88/       ares/       arigatou/       ashita_no_joe/       assobot_goku/       ayashi_no_ceres/       ayatsuri_sakon/       b-men_kazoku/     Continue reading “Free Manga Downloads from”

Free Manga Downloads from

Lucky 777

The date today reads July 7, 2007 or 7/7/07.
The numbers 777 are said to be lucky and so I will go and play Lotto afterwards.
So let’s see, what numbers will it be.

2 – 4 – 5 – 7 – 14 – 15 – 29

2 – mom
4 – me
5 – hilbert
7 – henry
14 – dad
15 – harmon
29 – heidee

Let’s see if i’ll win any.

Lucky 777

Cheapskates’s PC Buyer’s Guide

The kids back home are planning on buying a PC that they can use preferably for Internet, gaming and most importantly – for schoolwork. However, there’s a big problem – MONEY problem.

The above-mentioned rig has a decent system. I left out an Inno3d 8500GT video card worth Php 4730 for obvious reasons – too pricey and there’s already an on board video card (although it wouldn’t hurt to have a separate one to offload the burden). It also has a better speaker system than the freebies they give away with a new casing. And yes, a new monitor display and a wireless router.

This one costs way less than the previous one. I chopped off the speakers, the optical storage and the router. My reasoning is that (1) we can live with the freebie speaker, (2) we can install the system and use the net to do the downloading of files, and (3) we can connect to the net with cables (for now).

The last one is the most basic rig. I junked the monitor altogether and hope the old one still works. It is still at Php 15,000 but if we are to buy a new one we at least have to make sure that the core components will be at par with the best. Namely, the processor, the motherboard and the memory.

Cheapskates’s PC Buyer’s Guide

Harry Potter Fanfiction?!

I came across a copy of an ebook titled “Book 7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” which my housemate, Bernard brought home. At first I was really apprehensive in reading it because i don’t want the magic to be spoiled. However, as the saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat.” I believe this is just a fan fiction but at times i could feel the magic being weaved.

The novel is as long as any harry potter novels that have been officially released. It is for a more mature readership though since the book have plenty snogging, petting and lots of deaths.

Click here to download ebook.

Harry Potter Fanfiction?!

SSS R3 Diskette v. 2

[Update: 12Nov2009] The following post may already be outdated. The files featured here are way back from 2007 (the post was made July 2007). Please refer to SSS website for the updated files.

As much as I want to close the comments section, I’m keeping it open so there’s a venue where people can air what’s on their minds. Hopefully, someday, SSS will see it and take action.

By the way, I’m not from SSS or from any of its contractors.

>> The original post follows.

I had a hard time with SSS’ outdated website but since the office needs the files, i need to download it.

Download Files:


  • Click and save R3 DISKETTE.exe into your computer.
  • Click on R3 DISKETTE.exe to unzip/extract the files in c:r3tdvb folder.
  • Go to c:r3tdvb install folder and click on setup.exe to start the installation of the program.
  • At the set-up menu, click the Change directory button, then pick r3tdvb from the directory choices. The path should be c:r3tdvb.
  • During installation there may be files already installed on your computer, which the R3 program will install.
  • In cases like these, you will be asked if you want to keep your old files or overwrite it — choose to keep your old files.
  • To execute the program, press the start button and go to Programs -> SSS_R3 -> R3.

For Messages that involve missing DLL’s
Please download R3DLL and copy the missing DLL to the directory where the R3.exe resides.
“Print range is greater than paper size”
Please update the printer setup to use letter (8.5″ x 11″) instead of A4 paper size.

SSS R3 Diskette v. 2