Nov 2007 CE Board Exam Retake

Due to “statistically improbable” results and some cases of cheating, PRC ordered retakes of some subjects, specifically Hydraulics and Geotechnical Engineering and Structural Engineering and Construction.

It is sad that a lot of people will again be greatly inconvenienced and financially encumbered by some scrupulous individuals. It is about time PRC look deeper into its processes so as to avoid this kind of things. Once in a while can be attributed to “special cases” while two in such as short span of time alludes to a more systemic problem.

Reference: The Manila Times, November 28, 2007


Calm Before The Storm

I dropped by AMH earlier today just to condition myself with all the work I’m expecting this week. Also, I need to prep up on my Linux Basics because Total Linux will start off tomorrow. And so i came across plethora of websites offering E-Books on the subject (there are so many so I did not bother listing them down, you can always Google them). I really want to build my own Linux system so I printed Linux from Scratch plus the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy to polish up my fundamentals. Afterwards, I paid attention to all the torrents available regarding Linux and I think I struck gold with a copy of McGraw Hill’s RHCE study guide I got from the pile. All in all, I think I have at least five books to read. I just hope, I’ll have the time to read them all before all hell breaks loose. Anyway.

Initial part of backup tutorial in Linux Planet.

Setting The Mood

Fresh from a long vacation (yes, all three days of it), I need to get a grip of myself in terms of work yet to be done.

To start off, the AMH server. The AMH server is running smoothly for almost two weeks now without any glitches but still, many things need to be done.

First and foremost would be running the file storage on RAID for some security and performance. I would not get into the details of RAID but I’m thinking along the lines of RAID 5 or RAID 1 (for now). RAID 5 needs at least three disks and that’s a little over what we have right now so I’ll be sticking with RAID 1 for now.

The AMH Intranet Web has been down for the longest time since its creation because of virus intrusion and server failure. I am really anxious in bringing it back up and bring it outside the LAN (or not, yet).

After AMH Server is the AMH Repository Project. With this one, we’ll be bringing AMH into par with Enterprise Content Management Systems without the eye-candy. This project still needs work on the Document Codes and Official Allowed Folders List.

Next on the list is the Hardware Inventory. I need to update the hardware inventory in light of my request for new equipment. Also per RACL’s instructions, I need to devise a way to get rid of the “junks” from our network system and replace them with useful ones.

Then, maintenance works on Room 207 before Monday. Then follow-up testing on Asterisk and Trixbox. Then follow-up on ALA BPO recommendation. Then…

The Gang’s All Here

picture0004.jpg picture0030.jpg

We remembered Lolo Loreto’s one year death anniversary last Nov 1 and we had a little reunion of sorts. Relatives from all over the place came and it was fun seeing all those cute faces in one place. Next year, I’ll bring a proper camera to shoot guys with 🙂