From here on, I’ll be maintaining this blog in Since the’s domain mapping feature will be a stretch for my finances (ok, i’m a miser), I’ll be retiring this blog on June 20, 2008 (2 months from today). I’ll still be keeping my account with though and hope with all my heart that they give me a zone edit on their dns before I finally pull down the plug.


Server Admin Work

I need to brush up on my system administration skills for the upcoming Summer Geek camp. Likewise, after doing office admin work for much of the new year, I’m back to system administration work. The reason — my file server died and it almost cost us BIG. Now to my schedule for review:

  • server installation
  • server security
  • server optimization
  • kernel building and optimization (if possible)
  • firewalls
  • postfix
  • dovecot
  • mysql
  • apache or lighttpd

I’m itching to try drupal but its sheer size and complexity is intimidating. Anyhow, I’ll just post here any bits I may glean from all my references….

Rimuhosting Experience

I tried out rimuhosting just recently with their MiroVPS1 package located in Dallas. I tried out Centos and fedora on the vps. They even gave me a 5% discount off my hosting fees (as a Fedora Ambassador, and FOSS advocate) 🙂

Rimuhosting has indeed great support. They reply to my every query within the hour. Great guys in Glenn, Abdallah, Sim and Pablo who gave professional support all throughout.

Unfortunately for me, I have to cancel my vps because it is too pricey for me. Maybe when I’m richer, I’ll come back.

where are we at?

i just had a talk with my boss and it started bad for me (because i fouled up big-time) but ended up in a good note (i got my second chance). i would not go into details here but suffice it to say that i ended up costing the office a bundle of money and a lot of headaches to boot. for that i’m terribly sorry and forever humbled by the graciousness of my betters.

lessons learned:

  1. backup!
  2. invest in good hardware
  3. good friends bail you out (when you mess up)
  4. learn from previous mistakes and move on
  5. nothing is an accident (from racl) … it’s providential

just so i remember… April 2, 2008.