Burning Bridges

I just deleted the contents of azneita project at wordpress.com after two months of waiting to do so. The blog has been deleted yesterday (20June2008), as scheduled. The late blog has a 4 PageRank and almost two years of content. Most of the content are here at azneita.org but the PageRank is another matter.

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Windows XP on Acer Aspire 4715z

The office just bought a new Acer Aspire 4715z and it came with Linpus Linux preloaded. We decided to install Windows XP SP2 on the system since our staff are not (yet) Linux trained. Installing Windows XP is a no-brainer, however, making all the drivers work is another matter. In retrospect, the main cause of the headache is the webcam driver that came with the unit (Resource CD)- it causes the shutdown or unit restart to hang – forcing you to pull out the battery and plug. You’re better off without it. You can also download updated drivers from the hardware manufacturers, namely Intel and Realtek. You can also do a quick search of the term “acer aspire 4715z drivers” for more results.

Here are the drivers I used.

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