WordCamp Philippines 2008

Wordcamp is finally coming to town and I just got myself registered for the event. Been looking forward to attending one ever since they started setting up these camps abroad. Fortunately enough, our good friends from Mindanao Bloggers have made this one possible and saved us a lot in trip expenses. Many thanks!

Some important links regarding the event:


Ideas for SFD08 Swag

My idea of a swag kit consists of an SFD08 shirt, some SFD08 stickers, and LiveCDs/DVDs of major Linux distributions (Fedora, Ubuntu, Slackware, etc.).

Since a Fedora LiveUSB station won’t be that hard to setup, I’ll be keeping that in mind for those attendees who may happen to have spare USB space.

For the shirt, I’m thinking of using Jayme Ayres’ design for projetofedora.org. It’s GPL-licensed so we can make revisions to it like accommodating other sponsors at the back. It also didn’t hurt that the design is clean and BLUE.