BIR Email Response: 112 days

Yup. That’s one hundred twelve days to respond to this query! While it’s still better to have a late reply than never, it certainly can be better.

The reply is very professional and very informative. If only it came quicker, I might have used it then.

As a reference for other guys who might be in the same situation as me, I’m posting BIR’s reply. Hope it helps someone without having to wait more than three months. Click on “View Plain” for a simpler view.

Greetings!  Thank you for communicating with the BIR Contact Center .

In reply, if you have been issued a TIN but have not been issued a TIN Card yet, you need to coordinate with the BIR - Revenue District Office (RDO) where your TIN is registered to find out whether a TIN Card has already been printed under your name or one has to be printed still upon request.  Due to lack of the information provided, like the TIN itself, we could not confirm as to what RDO your TIN has been issued, if any.  Regarding how long will it take for your TIN Card to be printed, depends on the workload of the RDO where you are currently registered.

Further, please be informed that effective May 2002, plastic TIN cards (just like in SSS / GSIS) shall no longer be issued by the BIR - RDO.  Instead, TIN cards for new applicants and/or reprints shall be issued in cardboard form / type pursuant to Revenue Memorandum Order (RMO) 10-2002.  You may inquire from said office how soon your TIN card can be released.  You are also informed to present valid identification card/s upon claiming of the same.  You can avail of the same for free.

To verify your TIN registration, we suggest that you give us a call at 981-8888 and press 1 for Tin Verification.  Kindly inform the person who will take your call that your request number for this query is  .   Said person will be asking you questions to establish your identity but failure to sufficiently answer the questions will hinder us in revealing the RDO to the caller.  Further, TIN verification thru email only allows us to check whether a given TIN is existing/valid or not, but not to disclose the same.

For other inquiries, you may visit or call us at 981-8888. We appreciate your continued support.

11 thoughts on “BIR Email Response: 112 days

  1. I cannot offer any explanation for the regrettable pace of the response. Only that the BIR Contact Center is very undermanned and needs to hire more agents to facilitate calls and responses to email queries. Including other offices of the BIR as well.

    Hoping for your most kind understanding.


    • I cannot do that for you Mark. It should be you who needs to call the BIR for that. I have placed the numbers on offices you should call to get your TIN. They will ask certain information that I may not be able to answer for you.


  2. there is no response on my electronic payment filing payment system efps application and no email notification,if we are enrolled already or not.. please reply ASAP thanks


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