APAC Real Estate

APAC just rented some new space here and here. The first one would be used to publicize APAC organizational efforts while the latter one will be kept as our very own working directory. The regional list will be updated every release cycle with regional leaders taking the helm in the mass pinging. The pages are pretty raw right now but we’re optimistic that they will serve their purpose well.

Many thanks to susmit, izhar, bhanu, shambo, jason, and inode0 for attending the meeting. This is to serve notice that APAC is alive and well.


Mailing Lists Old and New

I’m in the process of consolidating all of my emails into just one address – herson a/t azneita d()t org and so far, it has taken me most of last weekend to transfer all my previous mails and mailing list subscriptions to the new address.

h@a.o mailing list subcriptions:

  • teachingopensource.org
  • ubuntu-ph
  • philippine linux users group
  • fedora triage list
  • fedora marketing list
  • fedora advisory board
  • fedora test list
  • fedora announce
  • fedora ambassadors (yet to be re-approved)

LAMP (LAMP; Virtualization) Talk @ STI

I have just finished my two set of talks at STI Novaliches and it was fun talking with students again. STI Novaliches has a tie-up with Microsoft and is primarily an IIS/ASP/.NET outfit so talking about Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP is a bit of a challenge. I believe I did got through some of them though.

Some things I can do better:

  • My Fedora laptop suffered from kernel oops moment just after updating it just this morning and I wasn’t able to showcase its Compiz-enabled GNOME desktop.
  • I wasn’t able to ssh to my remote server during demo time and it kind of sucked the life out of the momentum I had built up during lecture.
  • I don’t have Fedora LiveCD with me (I have them on my office table)

Linux Format Free Download

[Update: 06March]

The original download features separate magazine sections so I stitched them all together sequentially and placed all the ads at the back.

Download URL: Linux Format 116 Free Download

[Original Post: 04March]

Linux Format is in early gift-giving mood. Props to Gaurav for the heads up.

From tuxradar.com:

below you’ll find high-res PDFs of Linux Format issue 116. That’s the current, on-sale issue of the magazine. No DRM. No cost. No catches. You get everything.

and tuxradar again:

We put the Linux Starter Pack on sale one year ago, and in our quest to support the community we’re giving it away as a free download. Please go ahead and tell everyone about this offer — all we ask is that you link to this page rather than directly to the zip below.

Trying Out Sugar on a Stick

I’m going to make some presentations regarding Desktop Environments and LAMP this coming Saturday for students of STI Novaliches.  As some kind of a showcase, I’m thinking of making Sugar on a Stick my presentation platform. Unfortunately for me though, I’m very unsuccessful at making it work and at the rate things are going, it looks like I’ll be using a F10 LiveCD instead. Not really a bad thing.