Geek Camp in Pictures

Lots of Fedora 10 DVDs courtesy of Red Hat’s Harish Pillay.

Fedora Ambassadors in the picture: Magie Antonio, Engels Antonio and Heherson Pagcaliwagan.

The rest of the pictures and event details are on Bluepoint’s Summer Geek Camp 2009 web page.


How do you teach professionalism? By being unprofessional.

My brother told me the news earlier and up to now, I’m still appalled at the sheer unprofessionalism his choice of school afforded him.

What school would give a prospective student false hope of admission? All the while making that same young man travel by himself hundreds of kilometers away from his hometown to a place he just hears on the news. Making him enroll one day and the next day tell him that his papers just don’t cut it. That’s bullshit!

Imagine the time, money and emotions ill-spent on something that a simple flag while screening applications could have averted! If you’re supposed to be a school teaching professionals, the minimum should be that you’re professional yourself, right?

I Attended the 2nd Summer Geek Camp

The second Geek Camp is geared towards the enterprise and as such, industry trends such as Web 2.0, Cloud Computing and Software as a Service were highlighted. The whole camp was organized into three tracks, namely: System and Network Administration, Software Development and Information Management. We had AJAX, SOAP, REST, JSON, YAML, XML, Xen, Eucalyptus and Hadoop for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the course of the camp. Yum!


First FreeMedia Shipment

I just managed to get those disks out of my door yesterday. Here are my stats:

  • 20 – Total Media
    • 13 – i386 DVD
    • 2 – x86_64 DVD
    • 2 – i386 Live
    • 2 – x86_64 Live
    • 1 – Source DVD
  • 18 – Total Recipients
    • 17 – Luzon
    • 1 – Mindanao

Golden Week

Next week will be really S-L-O-W-W-W.

  • Saturday 4 April – Saturday
  • Sunday 5 April – Sunday
  • Monday 6 April – Legal Holiday
  • Tuesday 7 April – Regular workday
  • Wednesday 8 April – Half workday
  • Thursday 9 April – Maundy Thursday
  • Friday 10 April – Good Friday
  • Saturday 11 April – Black Saturday
  • Sunday 12 April – Easter Sunday
  • Monday 13 April – DMTG’s Birthday (on leave)

Only one and a half day of work in a ten-day span!