i’m sick again

I’m now sounding like a broken record. After being relatively healthy for a week, I’m back on the sickbed this weekend. I really should take care of myself better. According to my doctor, my allergic rhinitis got a complication – colds. Yesterday, I spent close to PHP 2500 on medications and doctor’s fees alone.


from location up there ^

I got some pretty bad breaks this year. I re-injured my right knee and I had my allergic rhinitis back. The former never made me go back home. The latter certainly did – I’m now on day 2 of my forced homecoming.

Why the temporary change of address?

  1. The air is cleaner out here. Allergic rhinitis is triggered by my supposed allergy to dust among others.
  2. The folks out here look out for me. I’m their big baby ­čśÇ
  3. Lots of kids to play with – great stress buster!
  4. The change of environment is helping me clear my thoughts about things.

I know I’m already missing a lot of things back in Manila but I never really realized I need the rest until my head splits open again with pain every time I cough. The coughing I can tolerate. The pain, I can certainly live without.

waiting for the lights to go out

Even though MERALCO┬áissued a bulletin earlier today that we’re going to have power outage anytime between 9AM to 2PM, we’re still at the office and trying our very best to squeeze in as much work as we can.

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On the flip side, I’m downloading Leonidas and at 46%, I still need 2 more hours. Blackout, go away!


leonidas download

good things come in small packages


02 June 2009

I found myself at Villman’s Computer Center – SM North EDSA Annex around 6:00PM. I bought myself a brand-new Compaq CQ40-310AU which the office generously bankrolled. During the unit testing, I managed to get the store technician curious enough with a Fedora LiveCD that I just have to give it to him along with a Fedora DVD. Hopefully, he’ll showcase them to new buyers.

04 June 2009

With a few taps of the keyboard and a Fedora LiveCD, a former intern of ours managed to recover his files from his bum laptop all by himself. He was about to give up on his files before he went to me for advice last week and I just gave him a LiveCD and some instructions.

He booted into the LiveCD environment then mounted the host’s hard disk. After navigating through the familiar file structure (Windows), he was able to extract his files into USB sticks and is now on his way to reformat the laptop.