from location up there ^

I got some pretty bad breaks this year. I re-injured my right knee and I had my allergic rhinitis back. The former never made me go back home. The latter certainly did – I’m now on day 2 of my forced homecoming.

Why the temporary change of address?

  1. The air is cleaner out here. Allergic rhinitis is triggered by my supposed allergy to dust among others.
  2. The folks out here look out for me. I’m their big baby 😀
  3. Lots of kids to play with – great stress buster!
  4. The change of environment is helping me clear my thoughts about things.

I know I’m already missing a lot of things back in Manila but I never really realized I need the rest until my head splits open again with pain every time I cough. The coughing I can tolerate. The pain, I can certainly live without.


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