Checking F11 CHECKSUMs

I just downloaded the Fedora 11 DVD installer using utorrent on Windows XP. After completing the download, I downloaded sha1sum.exe from the gnupg list and checked the DVD image’s SHA1SUM – it returned


which is nowhere near


which is the string listed with Fedora-11-i386-CHECKSUM (came with the torrent download).

It turned out that the second hash string is for SHA-256 and I only need md5deep to check that everything is indeed in order. *wipes forehead*


2 thoughts on “Checking F11 CHECKSUMs

  1. Thank you for placing this bit of information online. The same thing happened to me and for a moment I thought I would have to do the entire download again! Then I got the idea of entering the SHA1SUM into Google and seeing what happens. Your site popped up third. Now I am relieved.

    Once again, thanks.


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