to renew or not to renew

The Domain Mapping of azneita project is set to expire September 9. It costs $9.97 or around PhP 500 in local currency. I’m quite hesitant in pulling the trigger this time around because I’m not sure about the returns (think ROI) of using it a second year. Any advice?


2 thoughts on “to renew or not to renew

  1. I bought a domain some years ago. As soon as I didnt renew it, a spammer bought it and set up an advertisement page engine.

    These spammers buy all domains that expire automatically, and try to reach the old owner into selling it back for 40-100 USD.

    I’m not sure how much usage you have right now on that domain, but I consider $9.97 to be ‘cheap enough’ to risk another year.


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