It has been a while

It has been a while since I last posted something coherent on this blog. Last year has been a blur to me – with the move from Singapore to Ireland and finding my feet at Travelport Digital (formerly MTT).

This year, I should be able to turn things around and hopefully, I can post interesting stuff here. Let’s see.

Note: All posts made before I reclaimed the subdomain have been categorized as an ‘old post’. Please read with caution as they are views of my younger self.


2015 Goals

Here are my personal goals for 2015, in no particular order.

Be healthy
Marry the love of my life
Get formally trained in Information Security
Actively contribute to Fedora Project
Have more fun at work
Bring mom/s to Singapore
Pay off all family debts, save enough
Spend more time with friends and relatives
Write and read more

* I intentionally kept things as vague as possible so I’ll have a lot of leeway when assessing my year come December 🙂